Do you have an RC helicopter? Do you know the parts of it and the function? If you don’t then you should know so that it will give you a clearer understanding on the importance of their existence and so that you would know how to take care of them and if they can be fixed should it get broken? Still here are parts of the RC helicopter for your reference and so that you would learn something about the RC helicopter and learn to appreciate it more.

  • Motor blade/Propeller

The motor blade is the one standing on top of the RC helicopter, and you would see it spin around so that it can carry the RC helicopter to the air. Without this, it would be a problem.

  • Tail rotor

This part is the other propeller behind the body of the RC helicopter where it also helps with balance and lifting the RC helicopter in the air.

  • Rotor mast

The motor mask is that line or connector for the motor blade and the body of the RC helicopter. This is the reason why the motor blade can carry the RC helicopter because it is the one that holds the two together.

  • Tail boom

This is the long line that connects the tail rotor and the RC helicopter’s body. The length is really important because it helps with the flying and the balance. You wouldn’t be able to see one that is short enough not to allow the RC helicopter not to fly.

  • Engine

The engine is where the power is located so that there will be power to allow the RC helicopter to move around and to fly up.

  • Fuel

The fuel is the gas of the RC helicopter so that it would be able to work because without the gas it wouldn’t be able to work. So just think of it like a car that needs gas also.

  • Landing skids

These are very important especially when you are about to land the RC helicopter. Without this, there wouldn’t be a safe way for you to land the RC helicopter.

  • Remote control

This is the reason why you can control your RC helicopter and to turn it on and do a lot of things with it. Without this then it would be hard to play around your RC helicopter.

These are parts that the RC helicopter has and if you think that one of this isn’t necessary, then you are wrong and mistaken because though each of them is different, they still make the RC helicopter whole. There would be a lot of problems if one of the parts wouldn’t be in it because they each play an important role. How can you even control the RC helicopter without the remote control? Or how can you let the RC helicopter fly without the motor blades? See how important each of it is? That is why you should know them and learn of their functions to help you understand their importance.