Copperhead Aviation is a full service manufacturing company with its facility located in Zhu Hai China.

Finding a manufacturing facility in China can be a daunting, risky task and controlling the quality and process can be even more difficult.  Copperhead Manufacturing puts the control in your hands and eliminates the financial risks of doing business in China.

As your discreet manufacturing partner, we can take your products from concept to design, to prototype, to production in the shortest possible time.  Our experienced Engineering Staff can respond quickly and provide leading edge solutions. Our strategy of design for manufacturability coupled with our comprehensive capabilities will enable you to compete successfully.

US Engineering Design Team High Quality Materials selection
US Sales Center Laser Cutting Services
US Based Testing Raw Materials
Parts Procurement Metal Fabrication and Machining
Package Design Logistical and Transportation   Solutions
Rapid Prototyping Foam Cutting and Silk Screening


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7 Things To Consider When Buying an RC Helicopter from Copperhead Aviation:


7 Things To Consider When Buying RC Helicopter

Remote control helicopters are one of the hot picks of toys these days. These are mainly collected for outdoor gaming and recreational purposes. Hence, having one is perfect to play with your friends or kids on the weekend. When buying an RC helicopter, you have to consider several things. There are a lot of this item which you could choose from. Thus you need certain points to asses so that you can have the best helicopter that suits your preferences. Also, these will serve as a guide to picking the best item intended for your activities. Read through then texts below and find out these considerations.

  • Use. Is it for recreational activity, racing or just an add on to your displayed collection? If you are buying RC helicopter that is meant for having fun with your friends on an open field, then you can choose from those that have longer flying time and cool features. Choosing an item for racing or gaming has to have durable characteristics, shorter charging time, gyro feature, and can stay on the air for long. Meanwhile, if you meant to buy a new unit for your RC helicopter collection, then choose the one having unique features from those you already have.
  • Material. Different RC helicopters have varied composition. The most popular material is plastic which has an innovated look of metallic while others have a combination of this material with real metal (lightweight). However, those that are mainly composed of metallic material are heavy making them have a shorter flight altitude. Also, these toys could easily heat up considering with its conductor material. When choosing for the RC helicopter, you have to be specific with your preferred material so that you can enjoy the toy at its best.
  • Built and durability. This might be hard to identify considering that you haven’t seen the item yet. But you can always look for their reviews and find out their manufacturers, the material used on the toy and how the parts are joint together. Meanwhile, if you want to be sure that the item you’ll get is durable enough for your activities, you can check the products of a reliable company that deals with RC helicopters. Other suggestion could also go for asking friends that are into this toy.
  • Availability of parts. This should be one of your main considerations especially when the purpose of buying RC helicopter is for recreational and gaming activities. The banging of toy on trees is inevitable when playing outside that is why possible destruction on parts might occur. Having an RC helicopter with replaceable parts are cool to have for this reason. On the other hand, this could be a good detail too if you are fancy with replacing parts with attractive colors and new design.
  • Physical characteristics. RC helicopters vary with this item a lot. This goes with color/s, design, size, and attractive detail. Toy helicopters come with different color/s and combinations of which that are cool to have for the collection. The latest designs of RC helicopters do have a stylish and sexy look that are too awesome not to show off with your friends. Attractive features go with lights on the body of the toy. There are ones that have a headlight on the front and LED with different colors that are usually seen on the tail and face of the helicopter.
  • Features. We usually consider this as one of the main attraction of RC helicopters, and they are love for their uniqueness! A feature like a built-in camera that could take an overlooking picture or video is too cool not to have. There are also helicopters that come with a panic mode which is good when the toy is going to crash. This will minimize the destructive effect of the fall on the ground. Apart from that, there are also helicopters that are built with sturdy material to resist banging accidents on trees and hard surfaces when playing outside.
  • The price of the item. Before buying any unit, you have to consider your budget for the toy. RC helicopters could be pricey depending on its model, built and material, and special features. If you are buying one for gaming, then you might need a toy that has good features for the activity- which could also mean that you are going to pay for an expensive item.

Before buying an RC helicopter, you need to consider the mentioned points above. These are mainly the criteria toy collectors assess before they do their purchase on the counter. Meanwhile, when you already have an item in your mind, going through with its reviews is best to do so that you will be able to evaluate the toy’s feature, characteristics, and durability. Doing so will save you from buying a toy that does not worth its price. Check out this website to look for best 2017 RC helicopters reviews.